Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mexico City, Mexico

You will need more than one vacation to fully enjoy the many activities available in the worlds largest city.  México City is the cultural center of México and is home to a seemingly endless array of cultural activities.  An entire vacation could be devoted strictly to the more than one hundred museums, and you would probably still not have time to visit them all. The floating gardens of  Xochimilco are an attraction that has been in operation since Aztec times. The Zócalo (main square) and historic center are not to be missed and are a good starting place for deciding your itinerary, as there are plenty of things to do and see in a relatively small area. Chapultepec Park, (the world's largest park within a city) is  home to many attractions and should be on your must do list, especially if you have any youngsters with you.  There is always some sort of free entertainment going on, such as concerts, magic shows and mime troupes. If you can imagine it; it is probably happening somewhere in México City. The nightlife in the capital is second to none and provides an enormous variety of entertainment.  Ballet, opera, folkloric shows and theatres.  Live Cuban music and the tropical salsa clubs always seem to be a big draw, for locals as well as visitors. Mexico city is packed with cutlture and fun activities! Enjoy Mexico City, Mexico! This post is linked to Cooking Classics and you can visit that blog to learn about rice and beans, a traditional Mexican dish! You can get to cooking classics by clicking here.

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